“Rondo F1” the F1 Hybrid Tomato

“Rondo F1” the F1 Hybrid Tomato

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  • Verticillium wilt
  • Fusarium wilt race 1 and 2
  • Alternaria stem canker
  • Stemphylium
  • Tobacco Mosaic Virus
  • Nematodes


  • Early to medium

When it comes to micronutrient content, Rondo F1 is the talk of the stalk. Compared with similar ripe red tomatoes, our F1 Tomato Hybrid exceeds USDA values with:

  • 6x more methionine
  • ~3x more vitamin C & riboflavin
  • 2.5x more vitamin A
  • 1.5x more dietary fiber
  • 1.26x more serine

Hungry for more? Rondo F1 also exceeds USDA values for calcium, potassium, and phosphorous!



  • Methionine is an essential amino acid that serves as a building block for proteins and other compounds in the body. However, our bodies do not make methionine, meaning it must be acquired through the foods we eat. Although more scientific research is needed to support the following claims, the University of Rochester Medical Center notes that methionine has been associated with several health benefits:
    • Ionizing radiation damage protection
    • Detoxification of harmful substances in the body (including heavy metals)
    • Acetaminophen poisoning liver damage prevention
    • Prevention of fatty deposits in the liver
    • Ease of fatigue
    • Decreased risk of early balding
    • Potential treatment for osteoporosis
  • Vitamin C is a vital antioxidant that supports the body's healing process and protects your cells against free radicals— which may play a role in cancer and heart disease, among other diseases. Because the human body does not produce vitamin C on its own, it must be obtained through diet. According to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin C supplements may not offer the same benefits as the naturally occurring antioxidants found in tomatoes and other foods.
  • Riboflavin — ****aka vitamin B2 — is an essential element required for mitochondrial function. As stated by the National Institutes of Health, riboflavin is an important component of two coenzymes that play a role in energy production and metabolism. It has also been associated with the prevention of and treatment for migraine headaches. Experts have also theorized that riboflavin may assist in preventing DNA damage caused by carcinogens.
  • Vitamin A found in tomatoes helps promote healthy vision, prevent night blindness, and might decrease the risk of macular degeneration, [according to Michigan State University](https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/tomatoes_provide_many_health_benefits#:~:text=Improves vision – vitamin A found,developing kidney stones and gallstones.).
  • Dietary fiber offers a range of health benefits. Mayo Clinic states that fiber has the ability to help maintain a healthy weight and decrease one's risk of heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Dietary fiber is what makes up the part of tomatoes that your body can't digest, and thus promotes the movement of materials through the body's digestive system for normal, healthy bowel movements.
  • Serine is an amino acid that promotes good physical and mental health. Serine helps promote proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system, and — as stated by the National Library of Medicine — is necessary to produce tryptophan; an essential amino acid used to make serotonin.
  • Calcium plays an important role in strengthening and repairing bones. It also works to improve bone mass, [as reported by Michigan State University](https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/tomatoes_provide_many_health_benefits#:~:text=Strong bones – the vitamin K,tomatoes can reduce cell damage.).
  • Potassium is vital for human cells to function properly. It regulates the heartbeat, ensures muscles and nerves are working as they should, and helps to metabolize carbohydrates and synthesize proteins. Diets high in potassium are said to regulate blood pressure and have been associated with a lower stroke incidence, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Phosphorous is an essential mineral used by the body make DNA and RNA, as well as to build strong teeth and bones. Phosphorus also helps the body to grow and repair tissues and cells. Additionally, this essential mineral is said to contribute to kidney, muscle, heart, and nervous system health.

Meet Rondo F1— Vivify's F1 Hybrid Tomato for greenhouse growing. As an F1 hybrid, Rondo F1's fruits are firm, smooth, and uniform in color and size. Rondo F1 is a split-resistant variety, meaning his fruits are radiant and crack-free.


When it comes to this tomato seed, however, beauty is more than just skin deep. Rondo F1's hybrid vigor allows this tomato variety to produce strong, healthy plants that require fewer pesticides and chemical treatments to survive. In other words— Rondo F1 is great for your health and the environment. Rondo F1 boasts optimal yields of nutrient-dense fruits are perfect for fresh market selling, and because this is an indeterminate variety, Rondo F1 continues to produce tantalizing tomatoes up until the last frost.

  • Fresh markets

  • Indeterminate plants, medium to medium-large in size with very good cover and jointed attachment
  • Fruits are firm, smooth, solid, and uniform with a deep globe shape and an average size of 170-190 grams
  • Split-resistant variety
  • Good shipper

  • Vigorous, high-quality F1 hybrid tomato seeds packed with micronutrients and highly tolerant to disease
  • A productive variety with a germination rate of at least 95%
  • Primarily for greenhouse growing. Suitable for fields

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